Rabu, 08 Oktober 2008

Ika Festivana

My Name is Ika Festivana. I was from Malay of Langkat, North-Sumatra. I'm very interesting with Research of Royal in Indonesia.
My wife name is Lesi Marianti. She was a Grandsister of Pangeran of Suku IX Rejang Lebong, Datu Zainal Abidin.
We leave in Lampung Now.

Donald Pietro Tick

My name is Donald Tick (DP. Tick). I am of mixed Javanese, Jewish, Dutch and German origin. I am Chief of the Pusat Dokumentasi kerajaan2 di Indonesia "Pusaka".
Already for more than 30 years I try to get together all the information about the ca. 300 dynasties of Indonesia.
The readers can always reach me for questions, or remarks at pusaka.tick@kpnmail.nl .
Since 2003 I am member of the Royal Court of Kupang/Timor by HRH Raja/Usif Leopold Isu Nisnoni.
My wife is Gusti Yulianitha Tick SPd binti Gusti Uster bin Sultan Adam Alwatzikubillah; direct descendant of the last recognized Sultan of Banjarmasin and who is married with Ibu Bahria Gusti Uster, who is descendant of the Panembahan of Bangkalan on Madura.
We have one son with name Andin (title) Adam Arya Suriansyah Leopold Tick.
Being 4 years old.
Together with my supporting wife I already travelled to the dynasties and/or visited the rajas/sultans of certain areas in Indonesia to do researches on mainly their history. That was Banjarmasin,Pegatan(SE-Kalimantan),Bulungan(NE-Kalimantan),Kutai,Pasir(middle-East Kalimantan),Kupang,Amabi,Mollo,Amanatun, Insana,Beboki, Helong-people(W-Timor), OEcusse-Ambeno (E-Timor) ,Diu,Landu (Rote
islands/NTT), Badung-Denpasar(Bali),Lombok, but also we were at several important royal occasions.In Indonesia she represents the interests of the research institute Pusaka.
My hope is to collect completed information about the Indonesian dynasties and to contact as many people as possible about this subject(espacially the royals of Indonesia)and to bring back the interest of the youth and the people to this subject.
We have very much old pictures of Indonesian royalty,but also of royalty of Indonesia of the present time.My big interest is now the present situation concerning the dynasties of Indonesia.
We like to help royalty also with bringing back the history to their area.In Holland many old information about this subject.We know of many subjects,where to find it.
But we also hope,that a big fruitfull exchange will take place.Because we still must learn more and more.But anybody can come with their questions: big and small.